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Is a College Degree Worth It?

Attending college is a major milestone in most individuals’ lives, but with the cost of attendance, time it takes to attain the degree and the overall number of individuals who now have degree versus those that do not, the question must be asked is it worth it?

Cost of College

The cost of college is growing at an alarming rate. With these costs adding up and loans continuing to grow there is a growing mindset that the amount of loans attained during college is not with the job return. This may be true but it will depend on the degree obtained. Some degrees will not have as large a financial return as others.

Those with larger returns, such as doctors, nurses, or scientists may benefit more from going to college, while other individuals may benefit from trade schools or other blue collar jobs.

Time in School

Another issue brought up by individuals is the overall time degrees can take. With a bachelor’s degree taking approximately four years and other higher forms of learning such as masters or doctorates taking many more years, it may be beneficial to not attend college and instead work.

Joining the work force earlier may help gain more financial independence and allow savings and home purchases to start earlier.

Another point of discussion about whether college is worth attending is the number of individuals who now have a degree versus those that do not.

Previously, college degrees were more of a rarity while today a majority of individuals have obtained a degree. With more degrees in the workforce the level of worth reduces as most all individuals have at least obtained a associates degree.

Trade School or College Degree

Attending college may be beneficial but it is not as beneficial as it once was. The costs of loans and overall number of graduates mean attending a trade school may be a more viable option than ever before. Some versions of jobs will benefit or require a degree and will have a long term pay off that will override the cost of loans, while others may not.

One potential option is to attend community college, which generally is less expensive than a four year university, then transfer for the final two years for a bachelor’s degree. This allows a four year degree to be obtained while cutting the costs. Many successful people did not graduate from college, and with the shift to technology certificates and trade options may be a better alternative.

4 Tips for Student’s Studying Abroad

If you have made a decision to study abroad, then you have to understand how to prepare for your trip. With the help of study abroad tips you will be able to prepare for your trip, ensure you are safe and be smart while on your way to the country you are planning to take your studies. Berklee Valencia is an ideal place for taking your studies in Spain.

Below are the tips for studying abroad:

Pack light and smart

Before you begin to pack your belongings its good to first check with your airline about luggage restrictions. To enable to save lots of space its advisable to make use of travel-sized toiletries.

Skype is taking into consideration your communication options abroad, you should opt for a Skype account if you don’t have one. Their charges are affordable for international, once payment is made then you are ready to go.

Carry travel documents with you

When planning your travel make a thorough research about the local conditions, legal systems, laws, weather as well as the culture of the country you’re about to visit. Also, you need to keep in mind various travel warnings by visiting the travel websites of the countries you are planning to visit.

Remember to carry copies of your travel documents as well as the identification, have a copy of these documents and leave the other copies at home. With this, you will be able to travel smart.

Get A Job

Getting a job can help you meet people and give you a little bit of extra spending money. Many students get into service jobs like working at a hotel or becoming a maid. These may not be glamorous jobs, but I had a niece that became a maid in Brampton and she paid off her college education herself!

Do your homework

Before you travel abroad for study purposes its important to learn of the various landmarks, museums as well as sites in your destination. When you land in the country are planning to study you will be able to explore these attractions by yourself. Through this, you will have a clear picture of what you saw on the internet or maps.

Get an International Student ID Card

Make use of this card once you arrive at the airport for commission-free foreign currency then display it while exploring museums, restaurants, movies as well as other sightseeing adventures for a cut fee. The good thing is you can use it in your native country since its globally accepted.

Set a weekly budget

Spending money outside your country can be overwhelming as a result of the change in currency. You need to be careful when it comes to spending, think of a realistic and affordable budget for yourself to adhere to and ensure you are in control.

Why Students Should Backpack Across Europe

There are very many reasons why you should backpack Europe. As a student whether you are traveling together with your friends, planning for your own backpacking trip whether for short term or long term, these reasons are applicable to you.

They will come across the most interesting people

It is true that you going to meet and interact with different people. The good this about it is that everyone has their own culture and you will get to learn from each other. The people you will come across might be backpackers who are just making their way, prepared to commence their adventure or they could be backpackers who have been on move for several months.

You will also get the opportunity to meet the locals and you will get interact with them and you can inquire about the favorite beers and at the same time, you will get to understand the perspective locals have concerning their city. In spite of everything, you will get to learn a lot from them because everyone has his own story and experience to share with you.

They will get to understand about the past

Most students think they are done with history after completing their studies in this subject. When traveling to Europe you will get to learn a lot of history within a short duration. You will even find yourself learning more than you did in class and you will find it easy to remember. The good thing with backpacking is that you’re coming face to face with the cities you read in history books or seen in movies. This is an amazing experience.

They will get to experience European life

Many people have dreamt of visiting major cities in Europe such as London and either take lunch in this great city. Traveling in Europe will provide you with the opportunity to experience different cultures amongst its various countries. Every country has its own culture which unique and different from the other. You will also get to learn about different customs, languages, and way of life among the people living in those countries. If you have never been to Europe before you should consider planning a visit as its one of the most amazing destinations in the world.

They will get to understand the world better

Exploring places far from your home will let them know what is really out there. Since there are many places you can explore outside your home its essential to visit different places, people among others with an aim of understanding the way they life, their language as well as their culture. Through this, you will get to understand the world better.

The discussed above are the reasons why students should backpack across Europe.