10 Things To Do Near Berklee College Of Music

Going somewhere far away from home or settling down in an unfamiliar place can be quite difficult, especially if you have no family members or friends around.

For students who usually have to leave home and travel a long distance for education, there are various ways to settle down and find things to do.

Have you ever found yourself around Berklee college of music or are likely to do so in the nearest future? While the music itself is a thrilling form of art, there are several things to do near Berklee College of music. Situated in Boston, there are so many attractive spots under your nose.

You could choose to go to the museum on a cool calm day. Give yourself a treat at a spa just down the road. Grab a cup of coffee from the café just around the corner or take that beautiful lady out and have yourself a wonderful dinner date at an exotic restaurant.

All of these places are within miles of the college. There are lots of other things to do.

Here are ten places to visit and fun activities that would last a lifetime:

10 Awesome Things You Should Do Near Berklee College Of Music

Picture Of Things To Do Near Berklee College Of Music

1. Visit A Historic Venue:

If you are one who has a thing for art and artifact, the Massachusetts Historical Society is perfect for you. It is just a one-minute drive from the college of music and it boasts of beautiful and historical collections.

It does not just provide entertainment but it is also a place to learn and have a beautiful breath-taking experience. One more exciting perk is the fact it is free. You don’t have to pay a dime to gain entrance.

2. Visit A Mapparium:

Do you want to know what it feels like to be in an actual-globe and have a look at the world up close? Just 5 minutes away from the college of music is a three-story globe built to better illustrate the beauty of nature.

With a combination of music, art, inspiring quotes, and words. This place is truly a work of art. What makes this place a must-see is that it helps you to better understand how the world is.

The seas, the planets, and all that surround it, you really should check it out. Oh and it is inside a library, proves that learning can be fun as well.

3. Attend An Orchestra:

Getting an opportunity to come across a perfect symphony is rare these days. So finding one just around the corner of the Berklee College of music is an amazing opportunity to explore the world of music.

This opportunity is even better if you happen to be a student at the college. You get to experience music at its best and little expense no less.

4. Visit A Library:

The Mary Eddy Parker library in Boston is one of the oldest and most prestigious libraries in America. It is a citadel of learning with insights into the minds of several writers both old and new.

The library has a vast collection of books and several other side attractions. The building itself is quite old and big. With 11 stories, it is indeed a piece of art.

5. Get A Spa:

The street that houses the college of music also has one of the 25 best salons in America. The Giuliano spa is known for its great customer service, the natural products used, and the relaxed environment. It is a great place to visit for unwinding and getting that pampering you deserve.

6. Skywalk Observatory:

Ever feel like you want to be closer to the sky and see what your environment looks like from up above. You should try this observatory. It is an unforgettable experience.

Upon entering, you will get radios which will give you a brief history of whatever building you are viewing at the moment. This observatory allows you a better view of the city, It is also a few minutes away from the college.

7. A Night Of Humor:

About 1 mile away from the Berklee College of music sits a building that houses laughter and entertainment at its peak. Experience a night of absolute fun and wonder. Let your inner child roam free and be intrigued by two highly talented illusionists.

There are 50 seats only so it’s a limited slot. What makes this place different from others is the fact that all the tricks look real and it is not magic either. It keeps you coming back and wanting more. Check it out and you will be glad you did.

8. Food Tour:

One of the must-do activities is to have a food tasting tour. A foodie will love this tour. Boston is known for its wonderful taste in foods. There is, therefore, provision made for having a taste of as many foods as possible at little or no price.

While eating you also get to know a little history about the foods and the chef responsible for such delicious delicacies. The food tour lasts about three hours and covers about a mile and there is no age limit to those who can participate.

9. Handmade Shopping:

Ever heard about handmade designer shoes and how expensive they are? Well, this place gives the opportunity to also buy handmade things but at much cheaper prices and you also get to meet and chat with the designers.

Some call it the perfect place for holiday shopping. There are all types of goods to buy from scented candles, leather bags, shoes, to dresses. You should check these places out next time you visit the college. It is just 1. 5 miles away.

10. Boston Garden:

What is a town without a garden where people could visit and relax? Miles away from the college of music is America’s first public library. The library is as old as the town with over 600 trees, swans, and ever-changing flowers.

5 Things To Do In Boston For Free

It is a well-known fact that there is always a prize to pay to either visit a place or have access to some interesting places. This fact is not always the case though as there several fun things you could do in Boston without paying a dime. A few of these things are:

1- Take a tour of Harvard:

Who wouldn’t want to take a walk around the oldest University in America. Have a look at all the facts, the myths, and the buildings. There is no price to pay, just get your walking shoes and have a great time observing.’

2- Visit MIT:

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the best universities in America for technology. You could have a walk around the institution at absolutely no cost. Have a look into where the brightest minds received their education.

3- Visit An Art Gallery Or Museum:

Boston is known to have a lot of museums and access to these places is free. Find one that interests you and knock yourself out while having a great time.

4- Go Ice Skating:

Who doesn’t love to ice skate during the winter? Boston happens to have a lot of skating outlets during winter and entry comes at no charge. Have a great time even in winter.

5- Learn About Black Heritage:

Get an insight into black slavery and its history in Massachusetts. Take a tour around this building and learn from pictures, documents, and sculptures.