Singer, Poet

Zoe Schneider is a passionate singer and poet whose moral compass points her in the direction of service to her local and global communities. As a current Music Business/Management and Music Technology student at Berklee College of Music, Zoe has taken the opportunity to involve herself in on-campus initiatives such as HeForShe, and ProjectNextUp, two organizations in the fight against gender inequality. In addition, she has expanded her volunteering to the Amala foundation in Austin, Texas for events such as the Global Youth Peace Summit, and International Peace Initiatives in Meru, Kenya, which provides homes for orphans and vulnerable children, as well as providing training in peace education and conflict resolution.

After spending countless hours watching TED talk after talk on YouTube, Zoe is beyond thrilled to be a speak at TEDx Berklee Valencia’s “Connecting The Dots”. In fact, this is a dream come true for her as many of her greatest inspirations and mentors have spoken at TED or TEDx events.

Zoe aims daily to use her art as a way to bring people together. With the goal of fostering a deep sense of mutual love and respect capable of awakening the sense of shared humanity, she plans to use TEDx Berklee Valencia as a platform to extend her creative reach through spoken word poetry.